PAN Europe

PAN Europe’s vision is of a world in which agricultural productivity is achieved by truly sustainable agricultural production systems in which agrochemical inputs and environmental damage are minimised, and where local people control local production using local varieties. PAN Europe strives to eliminate hazardous pesticides in Europe, reduce dependency on pesticides, and promote ecologically sound alternatives to chemical pest control.

In order to achieve this vision, PAN Europe carries out advocacy, policy analysis, networking and campaigning activities on pesticides. It serves as the focal point for NGO advocacy and public participation in EU pesticide policy and work closely with representatives of the European Parliament, the Commission, and the Council to engage key decision makers in reducing the use of hazardous pesticides.Our initiatives also include working with farmers, scientists, academics, retailers and trades unions.

Because developments in agriculture, human health and the environment are often complex, the availability of up-to-date scientific information is paramount. To meet this demand PAN Europe commission’s regular reports focussing on key aspects of the debate. These are essential in informing a diversity of external stakeholders on for change.

The more people know about hazardous pesticides, the more people understand the need for action. That’s why PAN Europe works to engage a wider audience on the presence of hazardous pesticides in our food, water systems, soil and air. PAN Europe prepares and disseminates regular information briefings on specific policy topics and issues press releases on a wide range of pesticide related issues. PAN Europe regularly provides informed comments to journalists writing on pesticides issues.

We also participate in public seminars – ranging from workshops organised by the green campaigners to debates hosted by the pesticides industry.